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    Everything you need to get your data from your devices & sensors the field, to the public Cloud.

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    With low-cost commodity sensors, we're changing the way that industries connect with their assets - The results are revolutionary.

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    By using Cognitive & Edge Computing, we're paving the way that enterprises understand their data - The future is now clearer.

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Imagine a smarter, connected world

Our Industries


The future of farming is "Smart". Offering high-precision crop control, intelligent data collection, and automated farming techniques, there are clearly many advantages a networked farm has to offer. Learn More


IoT devices are already improving the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations globally. An estimated investment of $70 billion will be spent on IoT solutions by 2020 - is your enterprise ready? Learn More

Construction & Mining

The IoT-led journey towards business transformation in Construction & Mining has just begun. By making these industries safer, more efficient and more automated, IoT is bringing about positive change in these industries. Learn More

Transportation & Logistics

From fleet management, to warehouse & yard management, enterprises are leveraging IoT and Kaleidoscope to drive bottom-line growth and end-to-end visibility with Cloud, Big Data and AI. Learn More

Utilities & Alternative Energy

Humans are consuming more water & energy every year, utility companies are scrambling to meet the demand. Enterprises around the world plan to increase their investments in digital technology to combat this and IoT is just the beginning. Learn More

Kaleidoscope Cloud

Our Cloud platform provides enterprises with a birds eye view of their organization’s infrastructure delivering key data points and metrics to their appropriate organizational units. This In-turn, provides the fundamental building blocks for future technological growth in areas such as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, all of which are available from within the Kaleidoscope Cloud platform

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Business Intelligence

Our core Cloud provides embedded Big Data & Analytics to drive business intelligence on the fly, in real-time.

Operations HQ

Monitor your infrastructure with our dashboards, and provide alerting to your staff with our automated on-call system based on data driven decisions.


You worry about your business, we'll worry about the heavy lifting - Our platform is capable of "auto-scaling" from hundreds of data-point's ingested per minute to hundreds of millions.


Gain protection across your whole IoT platform, Kaleidoscope only uses secure communications for all data transmitted to and from the cloud.


Integrate your data to your other Enterprise Application's and Cloud's - Our platform's API allows direct integration to your ERP, EAM, SCM, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Make data driven decisions on autopilot. Our neural network allows for the training of data ingested by Kaleidoscope to make actionable decisions for your enterprise.

Financing may be available to help fund the development of IoT & Artificial Intelligence for your enterprise.

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Make data­‐driven decisions in real-time

Move your enterprise beyond analytics to real-time, data-driven decisions. Our real-time data visualization layer, enables your organization's key decision-makers to readily understand what is important at any moment so they can focus on, fully understand, and explore details to consistently make timely decisions and solve industry and business challenges.

Our Platform

What is the Internet of Things and why does it matter?

The term IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses everything that is connected to the Internet, however it is increasingly being used to define objects that "talk" to each other and the Cloud.

The Internet of Things is made up of devices, billions of devices - from simple sensors embedded or retro-fitted to your enterprise's machinery, vehicles, and utilities to smart-phones and wearables, the IoT is revolutionizing the world in ways that we are only just starting to realize.

By combining IoT data with Artificial Intelligence, enterprises can uncover valuable insights to improve almost every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models.

Is your enterprise ready for an end-to-end IoT platform?


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