Move your enterprise beyond analytics to real-time, data-driven and automated decisions. Our platform enables organizations of all sizes to quickly get up and running with IoT with an offering that is tailored to meet their individual needs.

A Cloud Platform for IoT

The Kaleidoscope Cloud is an "end-to-end" IoT management and data ingestion platform designed to provide enterprises with a single pane, unified view of their organizations infrastructure and data. Our platform works with both Kaleidoscope sensor's & hardware, as well as many third party hardware and software solutions to provide the base framework for seamless and secure connection of IoT devices to the cloud.

Our platform helps deliver innovations to your industry faster by lowering the IoT barrier to entry, reducing deployment complexity whilst providing scalability and security, and allowing for your enterprise to make data driven, actionable business decisions on the fly, whether your deployment is supporting a handful of sensors of millions of IoT devices.

There will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020,

IoT devices will account for 24 billion.

More than just data... A single pane, unified view.

Business Intelligence

Our core Cloud provides embedded Big Data & Analytics to drive business intelligence on the fly, in real-time.

Operations HQ

Monitor your infrastructure with our dashboards, and provide alerting to your staff with our automated on-call system based on data driven decisions.


You worry about your business, we'll worry about the heavy lifting - Our platform is capable of "auto-scaling" from hundreds of data-point's ingested per minute to hundreds of millions.


Gain protection across your whole IoT platform, Kaleidoscope only uses secure communications for all data transmitted to and from the cloud.


Integrate your data to your other Enterprise Application's and Cloud's - Our platform's API allows direct integration to your ERP, EAM, SCM, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Make data driven decisions on autopilot. Our neural network allows for the training of data ingested by Kaleidoscope to make actionable decisions for your enterprise.

Deploy your devices anywhere.

Our global platform provides your enterprise with the flexibility of deploying and managing your sensors and devices anywhere, any time.

Is your enterprise ready for an end-to-end IoT platform?


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