SBC Controllers

At the heart of every IoT deployment lives the ability to capture and compute raw data. Pair one of our SBC's (Single Board Computers) with your preferred sensor(s) and start collecting data from the field.

Low Powered WAN Controllers

Use our LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) controllers to collect field data and control your devices using long the range LoRa WAN communication protocol. Our LPWAN controllers are ideal for remote, low-cost deployments.

Lightweight SBC Controller

Our Lightweight SBC controllers allow for seamless sensor deployments across your facilities where constant connectivity between your sensors and the Cloud is required. Use your existing LAN or 802.11 Wireless networks to directly connect sensors and devices to the cloud via our Lightweight SBC controller.

Fleet Management & CANbus Controller

Connect your fleet to the cloud by using our CANbus controllers. Use our controllers to collect and transmit pro-active maintenance data such as driver behavior, idle time, fuel usage, speed monitoring, critical vehicle diagnostic data, and additional SBC data such as GPS locations & DVR data to our Cloud, to further enhance your IoT experience.

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Common Plug & Play Sensors

Whether you're integrating a handful of sensors, or hundreds of thousands - Kaleidoscope or one of our partners has a sensor type that will fit your needs. Here's a list of some of the most common types of sensors partners are deploying, that transmit data to our platform - Contact us for further information.

LPWAN ControllerLightweight SBCCANbus Controller
Weatherproof Temperature Probe
Weatherproof Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Lazer Counter
1-30L/min Flow Sensor
10-200L/min Flow Sensor
S Type Weighing Sensor (100kg - 2T)
Load Cell Weight Sensor (100kg - 5T)
Ultrasonic rainfall, wind & temperature monitor
Weather Station
PM2.5 Dust Sensor
Solar Radiation Sensor
Water PH Sensor
Soil Conductivity, temperature & humidity sensor
USB Computer Vision Camera
DVR Camera
Network Computer Vision Camera

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