Simple and Transparent

Kaleidoscope offers Cloud IoT services globally with flexible self service purchasing options and easy payment methods to get you up and running with your IoT deployment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Simple Pay-as-you-go model - Only pay for the resources you use!
Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal, or Wire Transfer (Minimum spend required for Wire Transfer)
Global service, available in every country with Internet connectivity
Charges are calculated on a hourly basis
Free tier available for our core services, to get you up and running!
All charges are billed in USD

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

Pricing for each of the various Kaleidoscope core services vary depending on your usage of the platform.
See a detailed breakdown of each of our key services below.

Is your enterprise ready for an end-to-end IoT platform?


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