Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field data variability in the operation of a farm. It is an approach to agricultural management using information technology (IT) to maximize yield, optimize processes, and manage resources.

Image information from livestock, crop, plant or fruits can be processed and integrated with sensor and other data to yield guidance for immediate and future decisions through the Kaleidoscope Cloud platform, helping your enterprise make timely decisions and solve industry and business challenges.

How Kaleidoscope IoT works?

Our Cloud management system relies upon an ecosystem of specialized equipment, software and IT services. Using real-time sensors in the field, your factories and workshops, we measure and collect data such as the moisture, pH content and temperature of the soil and surrounding air along with other relevant information such as local weather predictions and sensor data from your machinery and factories.

This data is sent to our Cloud platform where it is analyzed so that your enterprise's operations can better leverage and optimize their systems, and make informed data-driven decisions. Furthermore our predictive analytics system uses the data gathered to further aid activities such as resource management and operation scheduling.

MQTTData collected from your sensors aresecurely sent to our Cloud platform usingthe lightweight MQTT protocol.Your DevicesYour sensors, gateways, and other devicesfrequently collect data and prepare it to be sent tothe Kaleidoscope Cloud.Real-time AlarmingOur alarming and event escalation systemallows your organization to action uponcollected metrics appropriately.Kaleidoscope IoT CloudOur IoT Cloud platform allows you to manage all yourdevices, better leverage your live and historical data, andintegrate with other enterprise software and Clouds.Real-time Secure APIUse our secure APIs to connect to yourexisting On-Premise and Cloud applicationswith the data coming from your devices.Monitoring & ControlOur core Cloud provides embedded BigData & Analytics to drive businessintelligence on the fly, inreal-time.Data Storage & ProcessingYou worry about your business, we'll worry aboutthe heavy lifting - Our platform will securely storeyour data, no matter what the scale%&'(/*012341)*+!!"##"$-"!"#$%&'(/*012341)*+#"#$"-."%&'(/*012341)*+!."--"--"%&'(/*012341)*+,"-,"--"%&'(/*012341)*+!$"-#"-."

Financing may be available to help fund the development of IoT & Artificial Intelligence for your enterprise.

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Information about our Agritech products and solutions

IoT & Industrial Sensors

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of supported and approved list of sensor types that commonly transmit data to the Kaleidoscope Cloud.

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IoT Gateway Solutions

Our IoT Gateway Platform allows for seamless LoRa deployment's across multiple site locations, ensuring that your data is securely transmitted to the Cloud.

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Kaleidoscope IoT & Cloud Platform

Our Cloud platform provides enterprises with a birds eye view of their organization’s infrastructure turning key data points and metrics into actionable insight.

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